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Found 7 results

  1. hello everyone, as the former administrator of our site has now left the company, it has been left to me to pick up the pieces with regards to Hornbill... therefore for my first post.... can anyone please point me in the right direction of some documentation outlining how I go about creating a new service within Service manager and updating the service categories to reflect this? I fear that we are going to need more services over time and therefore getting used to the way Hornbill works would be needed quite soon. thanks
  2. Hi All, Hoping to post for some advice regarding service requests that are ultimately requests for change and advice on how to action/streamline these requests. According to ITIL, any such change, should be recorded as a CR, however, as we do a lot of in house development, we get a lot of change requests that come in via service requests. This causes my IT staff to pull their hair out because they are literally wasting time re-typing out change requests from a service request. Anyone have a better way? Or should we simply allow low risk/standard changes to be resolved via SR to lower the amount? IT would be Ideal if an SR could be converted to a CR as some ticketing systems allow. Thanks Adam
  3. Is there a way of getting rid of 'Not Answered' in a flow of questions once a job has been logged? We use a lot of override flags in our Pro Caps because of various questions we need depending on the topic of the call. At the moment, this looks incredibly messy and difficult for the analyst to scroll through looking for the info they require. This is something we are really keen to resolve because it will add a lot of time onto any support call just trying to find the information! As you can see, there are two questions at the bottom which definitely don't relate to cars :P! Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, I have a question regarding a recent functionality in Service Manager: This is really cool! My question: does it only work with Incidents? Am I missing something? A setting somewhere maybe? If not, is there any particular reason why we cannot use it against Service Requests? It would be incredibly useful for us if we could... Thanks!
  5. Hi We often want to assign a mixed group of requests (i.e. Service Requests, Incidents and maybe other request types?) to a given member of our team, but the bulk action feature (cog icon at top of list) doesn't appear. It appears if you only select requests of one type, but vanishes if you choose a variety of request types. This is slows down assigning requests to our team. We also generally feel that the process of manually assigning a group of requests to an owner is rather too convoluted - too many clicks and not that intuitive. Bulk select is fine, but it would be great to be able to do a drag and drop to a given team member or something comparable in terms of minimal clicks/keystrokes.
  6. Hi, We have two users who have close working relationships with our customer support team. We need to give them access to the CS Request list but must restrict their account so they don't get carried away and start commenting on requests etc. Basically they just need to be able to view the timeline of some requests that come in, in case they get called about any of them. is it possible to create a role that is READ ONLY, or something to that effect?
  7. Hello, During switch on I needed our 2nd and 3rd line support teams to only be able to view, update and resolve incidents and service requests, not raise them. our switch on specialist created a custom permission set and when tested this worked. When they clicked the arrow next to raise new there was no incident or service request any more. However, somehow they have returned. On investigation it looks like this is because "self service user" gives analysts the ability to raise new requests. If I remove this they cannot see incidents or service requests any more. i'd very much like to go back to having the guys not be able to log incidents and service requests, but don't think I should have to disable self service access to implement it. Any ideas?
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