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Call status counts not showing

Steve Giller

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I've done that - same issue for me.

I land on the Newsfeed when I first log in.

For me it's every time I land on the Request List, any action withing the page (clicking on a status filter, a Request Type filter, refreshing the Request List, changing the view ...) brings the numbers back. If I then navigate away and come back, or refresh the whole page (F5) the numbers disappear.

I've tested this with another User and they do not have this issue!


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@DeadMeatGF can you please replicate the issue having the dev console open. Once it replicates, in the console top menu navigate to "Network". Then you should see a list of APIs that have been invoked. I would need to see the payload content for the second "smGetRequests" API call. Here is a screenshot example of what I need. Can you either screenshot that or copy the content and PM it to me?


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