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Linking existing users with assets

lee mcdermott

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I was wondering if it is possible to link existing users in hornbill with assets in hornbill but in bulk?

At the moment we have all users imported via AD and all assets imported via SCCM link. At present we do not have a accurate record of which device a users owns(uses).

However we are starting a desktop refresh program soon so all users will be assigned a device and we will then have a record of the user and their device id.

So is there a way to use the information(probably in a spreadsheet) to upload into hornbill that will be able to then link these users and device (which will already exist in hornbill)?



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If you use the import tools you can either import new assets, update existing assets, or both; whether that's from a spreadsheet or from SCCM directly.

You should be able to link the value you've identified to the h_owner attribute in the json and it will update.

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Hi @lee mcdermott

This can be done as part of your standard imports to keep everything simple, as long as the users AD username is the same as the value for last logged in user in SCCM. 

Simply import the relevant field from SCCM into the h_owner field as @DeadMeatGF suggests, and the assets and the users will link automatically.

Hope this helps


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