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CIO - View Access to all calls


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My Boss wants to be able to run a dashboard and look at any calls logged. What is the best way to achieve this. Currently he can log in can get to the request list screen  however as he is not part of any team he is unable to view any requests.

I remember when we first went live a couple of years back we could set up custom views by including a criteria like "Service" "is not" "Test" Is this still the only way to do this.

He ideally wants a personal dashboard and drill down from some of the graphs. 

I hope this makes sense

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@Kelvin one option is to add your CIO to the different teams you have, this way they will be able to see all the requests raised against the services all the teams he is a member of supports.

In order that they don't get requests assigned to them you can (per team) disable the Enable Assignment option for them, so they won't appear in assignment drop downs for those teams they belong too.


One consideration of this approach is that they would still receive team assignment notifications (if enabled)

But once they have this visibility they will be able to build their own views on the request list and have their own drill down charts. 

Another option is create another team say 'CIO' or 'Management' and add this as a supporting team to all services, this way they would not get notifications for assignment to say the Service Desk team, but would have rights as team which supports all services to see requests raised against them

Just some thoughts


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