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We are importing users' profile images from Active Directory, which is working well, but some users are changing the image daily (e.g. to cartoons of Transformers) rather than their ID badge image.

Is there a permission/setting to prevent the image from being changed in the UI?

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Was there any movement on this?

We're really keen to have consistent branding across our various systems and this discrepancy has been picked up by management now.
Obviously, rather than seeing it as a discipline issue and reprimanding the staff who are changing it, they want the lockdown option.

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+1. If I see another profile picture of a fluffy kitten / puppy / unicorn I may lose it. 

The fact I am Darth Vader (as far as my profile goes) is a perk of working for IT...... :) 

Shame we can't lock it down to Star Wars pictures only...

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To be fair we don't have pictures in AD. We have them on our Sharepoint server as part of the employee directory. 

Users have quite recently started playing around with profiles in Hornbill so have found the profile pictures. 

Probably the fact that IT tend to show up as Star Wars / Marvel / Random Nerdy Stuff has kicked this off in the first place but if we could lock it down so that they can't edit the pictures then everyone can stay default (including IT) 

I think the time of "IT can do whatever we want on IT systems" has come to an end (rightly so) and leading by example seems to be the way to go to get everyone on board. 

I did suggest adding the ID card photos to Hornbill but as most people here (and I am sure everywhere) hate their ID card photo, that didn't go down too well. So default for all it is then. 

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17 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:

as most people here (and I am sure everywhere) hate their ID card photo

I hate that argument - I mean, I obviously don't enjoy looking at my own image, if you do you're probably way over on the narcissistic spectrum, but it's a picture of your face; people look at it every time they see you, and they're wearing it on a badge that they (probably) have to have on view at all times anyway ...
The benefits of having a photo to remind you who you're dealing with - we're not that large a place but we have over 1500 staff, and remembering them all is something I couldn't do even I had the slightest interest in doing so! - far outweigh the slight discomfort of seeing a photo of you every once in a while!


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True. I have seen some people who turn the ID card over in the holder to hide the picture. 

Doesn't last long before they get told to turn it around by security. I guess for basic users it isn't that bad. They will see it once every so often (on Hornbill anyway). 

I got more push back from IT staff members who would see it everyday. I'm not really fussed about the pictures to be honest. I take bad photos and ok photos like everyone else. The amount of photo ID I currently have means I see a photo of myself at least 10 times a day. Plus the amount of photos people post themselves on social media makes the argument kind of a joke. 

But the decision came from higher up than me so that is that. I sometimes have to pick my battles. 

I will probably pick it up again at some point and I think I will have more leverage if basic users will be unable to change it to a random animal because that just negates the whole benefit of doing it. 

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