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Hi there -

We are looking to utilise the FAQ section of SM to enable us to signpost customers to other areas of our business.

At the moment, we don't appear to be able to section off FAQs into subheadings or areas of the same topic which is making the list very lengthy and difficult to navigate. We appreciate the search function should be used but some people don't know what they are looking for until they see it in a list.

Is there a way of grouping FAQs together, or is this something we would have to manage differently i.e. having all FAQs for Pool Cars in one expanding box?

Thanks in advance


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Hi @lokent

Thanks for your post.

A the moment FAQs are only grouped by their service.  The original concept behind the FAQs was to provide for each Service a way to define a list of top questions asked by customers with answers that can be provided by using text, images, or videos.   For anything that requires more than a question/answer scenario, some customers use Document Manager.

I would probably need to understand more about the content that you would like to present and how it is being used in order to help point you in the right direction.  Bulletins are another method of presenting information.  

We don't currently have any plans for adding additional grouping of FAQs, but it is something we could look into in the future. 



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plus one for this,


we currently have 6 services the users can log tickets against, as an example, one of those services is communication.


if we just had an FAQ list for the service communication, it would have several FAQS for each of; telephony, email, goto meeting, meet me, Zoom, mobile phones


as you can see, even with only 2 or 3 FAQs for each category, this list would run to 18 lines, which isn't really user friendly. hence why we want to group them into sub groups, within the main (communication) service



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