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Customer Details not showing all info


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I've encountered a strange issue which I can't find any details on how to resolve. One of my team asked me today why telephone numbers have been removed from the Customer Details section on requests. I was perplexed as I can see it. I assumed it must be because the info is not listed against that customer. However, that is not the case. Please see the attached two images. I am the customer on both. One is what I see and the other is what members of my team see. Why is there this difference?

It only started happening, I'm told, last week. Could it be related to a recent update?





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On 05/03/2018 at 3:37 PM, Ralf Peters said:



if it helps , after some advice from Hornbill Support we sorted this by moving the Work Phone details from the Contact details to the Job details  section ,  and it is just a simple drag and drop of the field in the design view  of the profile form .

that is really helpful Ralf we are experiencing the same issue.  We did not have 1150 installed and so it could not have been that.  We are v new to Hornbill - could you tell me where I can edit the Contact details and Job details on the design view?  When I click design on the detail section I don't see a way to change the customer section   - sorry that is probably so dim.



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@Siobhan this thread contains more details on how the issue can be fixed: 

By the way, the privacy changes/fixes I mentioned in this thread were introduced in Service Manager build 1145. It is possible for an instance updating from an older build to, let's say, build 1150 and the scenario to occur thus making it appear like the scenario occurs as a result of an update to 1150 when in effect it could have happened if the instance had a previous (or interim) update to build 1145. Hope this makes sense.

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