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showOnlySupportedRequests not working

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

The setting app.itsm.progressiveCapture.customerDetails.showOnlySupportedRequests does not appear to be working for at least one of my analysts. 

I have added our Finance Team to Hornbill for go live on Monday and as such have set the above setting to on. Analyst has cleared cache, restarted browser, logged out and back in, all to no effect. 

The roles he has are attached, just wondered if this was a case of one of the admin roles over riding the setting (as happened once before) 




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@Dan Munns does the user belong to any other teams?  


Or now you have added the Finance team, are any of your IT services still left in the default position of being supported by All Teams?


By default all services are supported by all teams, so by adding a new team like Finance, their agents would automatically see all requests logged against any service which is left as above?  If you wanted to keep IT and Finance separate you would need to both add the Finance Team to their Finance Services but also revisit the IT Services and ensure IT Teams are defined in the Supporting Teams?


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Hi @Steven Boardman

All services have supporting teams setup and the user whos permissions I added above is actually in the IT Security Team yet can log a Finance Request with me as the customer even though he doesn't support the Finance Requests service. 

The user in question is a member of three teams, none of which support the Finance Request service. 

The last time I had a similar issue it was because the user had Docmanager Admin as a role which was having some unwanted permission issue so I was just wondering if this was the same kind of thing as it is all set up to work correctly as far as I can tell.

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