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LDAP Import not removing user from old team


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I've just re-run an LDAP import after updating an attribute in Active Directory - changing the team that a user is a member of.

Upon completion of the import, the user has been added to the new team but not removed from the old team.

I was expecting him to be removed from the old team.

We are using the latest versions of Service Manager and the LDAP import tool.  In the organisation section of the config.json file, i've set the "Action" to "Both" assuming that this would both create a new team membership and update an existing team membership but this doesnt appear to have worked.  Can someone advise if this is expected behaviour please?




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@TrevorKillick I don't want to have Co-Workers restricted to one group, but I do want the import to be "responsive" - i.e. if someone moves out of the Safeguarding Team (for example) they need to leave that group in Service Manager so they no longer have access to potentially sensitive Services.

If I run 2 imports, the first associating to a "Main" group (e.g. Delivery, Support, Facilities etc.) and set OnlyOneGroupAssignment to true, then run a second report with OnlyOneGroupAssignment set to false, will that effectively delete the existing groups on the first import, then update with the additional group on the second (and potentially subsequent) imports?

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