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  1. Hi @Gerry Any update on this? Is this something that you will be implementing? We are currently working on implementing DMARC and unable to use SPF. Thanks J
  2. Hi! I have a spreadsheet created on a weekly basis of a list of users who have changed roles within the business. We need to log requests for each person in order to amend their systems access and permissions. Is there a way to script / automate the logging of service manager requests? I know there are powershell commands for doing things in the CMDB but are there any that can be used to log tickets? Or is there another way to do this such as a request import spreadsheet like there is for asset imports? Thanks Jason
  3. No probs @Victor - as always, I appreciate your help!
  4. @Bob Dickinson Many thanks! I can now see where I was going wrong - using the wrong table. I was using Related Requests instead of Relationship Entities. I can now do what I needed to so thanks again!
  5. @Victor Any ideas? Should I log this with support?
  6. Thanks although I'm having a few problems getting it to work I'm assuming that the call from which the link activity is performed is the parent call and the reference of this call is placed into the Parent Request ID column with the Related Requests table? In order to better understand which values are place into which columns I've created a test report to view the contents of the Related Requests table with the following config: Report output type: Single list of data Report using: SQL Schema Designer I've selected all columns and tried setting the filter for any of the columns in the Related Requests = not null which should return rows where data exists but the preview doesn't return any results. This suggests the table is empty does it not? Any ideas? Thanks J
  7. Hi We have a requirement to be able to produce a report that shows tickets logged against a category name. These tickets are linked to a 'master' ticket. I'd like the report to return details about the ticket (which is easy) including the master ticket reference number. Which column holds the linked ticket reference number? Thanks J
  8. Hi I've downloaded the zip file from here: https://github.com/hornbill/goDBAssetImport But it does not contain either of the executable file for importing the assets. How do I obtain the latest version? Thanks J
  9. Thanks for checking it out. I hadn't heard of ITOM until I saw a mention of it earlier today so I've just checked that out and sounds interesting and we would definitely be able to make use of it. I'll sit tight to see what happens with it. Thanks J
  10. This sounds really interested and something that would be really good for us so if we can be included as an early adopter that would be great. Thanks J
  11. Hi As the title suggests, are there any vulnerability management platform integrations available? We are currently looking at Insights by Rapid 7. I'd like the ability to raise a ticket in Service Manager that will kick of a vulnerability scan in Insights. Once the scan is complete, the suggested remediation's from Insights are then raised as tickets in Service Manager and attached to the master ticket that was raised to kick off the scans. When the remediation ticket is closed in service manager it would then close the remediation in Insights. Any thoughts from the Hornbill bods or wider community? Thanks J
  12. Hi Would it be possible to have an extra field added onto all asset classes? Our 3rd party disposal supplier issues a unique reference number for each disposal. I would like to be able to record this reference against each asset that has been disposed so that when we are audited we can report on this reference to see which assets have been disposed for any given collection. Thanks J
  13. Thanks James Its a minor issue but I told the analysts I'd mention it.
  14. I've just started a new topic with the same issue before seeing your topic. Thanks for the tip about deleting the last character, I can confirm that doing this also removes the wasted space for me as well. We only have this problem in Chrome. IE is fine.
  15. Hi One of our analysts has pointed out that when logging a request from an email, after confirming the customer name and moving to the summary and description form, there is a hug amount of grey space between the end of the email disclaimer and the end of the description field which means they have to scroll down quite a bit before they get to the previous and next buttons. This only happens in Chrome which is their preferred browser. Does this happen for anyone else? Thanks J
  16. Hi Our analysts would like the ability to be able to search for customers using the customers payroll number when logging tickets. The reason being is that a lot of our customers work on trains and some have very long names - many times the phone has cut out when they are spelling their name whereas their payroll number is a lot shorter. If its not possible currently (which I believe it isn't), then can some additional functionality be implemented that would allow any attribute from a customer record to be selected and therefore making it available to be searched when logging a ticket? We use attrib1 to store this information. Thanks J
  17. Hi I've created a very simple report however its not returning the expected results. Filtering on a company name (organisation) and calls logged between 2 date ranges. The results returned only go as far back as the 16th August however calls exist prior to that date and when looking at the call detail, the company name is populated in the customer section of the call. The users within this particular company did not have a company set against their customer record (i.e. were not a member of a company organisation) until the 14th August and given the close proximity of this date and the earliest result in the report I'm suspicious that something isn't quite working correctly (its possible no calls were logged for this company on the 15th). Can anybody help? I need to show all calls logged from 24th June for this particular organisation. The only other thing I could think to report on to differentiate these users from our own organisations users is the email address on the customer record has a different domain but I cant see how to report on calls logged against users with a @xxxx.yyy and between date range. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks J
  18. Thanks to @Victor for pointing out the instance name in the config file is case sensitive. All working now and I can confirm that subsequent imports do not create duplicate assets Very happy
  19. Of course! Thanks for letting me know
  20. Thanks @Steve G I now understand what you meant by asset entity. I've changed it but its still not working unfortunately - Its still not creating assets and I get the same errors. I've DM'd you the log file and config file Regards Jason
  21. Hi @Victor and @Steve G Only just had chance to check this out and I'm receiving a few errors in the import log files and no assets are importing. The asset types section is configured as per the following: "AssetTypes": [{ "AssetType": "Server", "Query": "AND A0.TYPE = 'Server'", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "SystemSerialNumber", "Entity": "AssetsComputer", "EntityColumn": "h_serial_number" } }, { "AssetType": "Laptop", "Query": "AND A0.TYPE = 'Portable'", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "SystemSerialNumber", "Entity": "Asset", "EntityColumn": "h_serial_number" } }, { "AssetType": "Desktop", "Query": "AND A0.TYPE IN ('Workstation', 'Machine')", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "SystemSerialNumber", "Entity": "Asset", "EntityColumn": "h_serial_number" } }, { "AssetType": "Virtual Machine", "Query": "AND A0.TYPE IN ('Virtual Workstation', 'Virtual Server')", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "SystemSerialNumber", "Entity": "Asset", "EntityColumn": "h_serial_number" Which I'm assuming is correct (the SQL query filter worked with the previous version of the import tool so I know this returns the expected results - plus the log file returns serial numbers for the assets in the inventory tool so I'm confident its fine). Here's an extract from the log file showing the errors. The following error occurs across all the asset types (we don't have any server in the new inventory tool yet) and for each asset within those types: 2018/08/16 15:08:27 [DATABASE] Running database query for Desktop assets. Please wait... 2018/08/16 15:08:27 [DATABASE] Query for Desktop assets:SELECT DISTINCT A0.DISPLAYNAME AS [MachineName], A0.TYPE, A1.OSTYPE AS [OperatingSystem], A0.PRIMARYOWNER, A2.BYTESTOTAL, A3.ADDRESS, A4.MODEL AS [SystemModel], A4.MANUFACTURER AS [SystemManufacturer], A4.SERIALNUM AS [SystemSerialNumber] FROM Computer A0 (nolock) LEFT OUTER JOIN Operating_System A1 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A1.Computer_Idn LEFT OUTER JOIN Memory A2 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A2.Computer_Idn LEFT OUTER JOIN TCP A3 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A3.Computer_Idn LEFT OUTER JOIN CompSystem A4 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A4.Computer_Idn WHERE (A0.DEVICEID IS NOT NULL) AND A0.TYPE IN ('Workstation', 'Machine') 2018/08/16 15:08:27 [DEBUG] Processing Assets 2018/08/16 15:08:27 [ERROR] API Call failed when searching instance for existing Asset:Invalid HTTP Response: 404 2018/08/16 15:08:27 [DEBUG] API Call XML: <params><application>com.hornbill.servicemanager</application><entity>AssetsDesktop</entity><searchFilter><column>h_serial_number</column><value>CZC2092LZR</value><matchType>exact</matchType></searchFilter><maxResults>1</maxResults></params> 2018/08/16 15:08:27 [DEBUG] Create Asset: CZC2092LZR 2018/08/16 15:08:27 [ERROR] Error running entityAddRecord API for createAsset:Invalid HTTP Response: 404 Appreciate your help with this. Thanks J
  22. Wow! This is amazing! Feature request for the forum - some kind of beer token mechanism! Seriously though I can't overstate how impressed I am that you've turned this around so quickly. You've potentially saved my bacon! I'll let you know if I have any problems.
  23. @Victor Correct although I'd dispute the part about the machine name shouldn't change but that's just me being picky (if the machine name was purely the asset tag number without the site code prefix then that could still change if the asset tag gets worn or comes off the asset and a new asset tag needs applying) - unless the machine name is something completely random which wouldn't work from a support perspective as service desk wouldn't know the name of the device to be able to remotely connect etc. If possible can you advise any ETA on fixing this because as I mentioned we have a major PC rollout approaching so I'd need to be able to factor this into the project. Thanks J
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