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Get Request Information -> Get Request Details -> Decision = Count of Linked Requests

Extra Decision node option  

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Can I request a new option for the Decision node to be able to get the count of Linked Requests from the Request Details? I need to be able to take the BPM in a different direction based on the count of Linked requests?

For example - if the count of Linked Requests is 0, then avoid creating a pointless Human Task related to Linked Requests. There could be other use for this too.



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1 hour ago, Paul Alexander said:



I'd like to add myself to this request please.....being able to branch off in a BPM depending on whether there are linked requests would be very helpful.



Hi @Paul Alexander,

If you action on the poll at the top of my post, Hornbill can then see an accurate count of those who are interested. Hornbill haven't confirmed they have included my idea in their discussion, hopefully your response will help this gain a bit more attention.



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Hi All,

An additional output parameter called 'Linked Requests' has been added to the 'Get Request Information' bpm node. This parameter will give you a total count of linked requests to the request your business process is running against. If there are no linked requests, the parameter will return 0 so a value will always be returned.

This will be available in our next Service Manager update.



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