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Links opening a different browser

Darren Rose

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Is it possible to create links in FAQ's that open up in a different browser. The current scenario we have is this;

We use Chrome or the Self Service Portal, as recommended. However, we need to include a link to webpage that uses Silverlight, which means it cannot be used in Chrome. Therefore, when people click on the link they get an error message relating to Silverlight being used in Chrome. 

Is it possible to set the browser to use as part of link? 



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There is a plugin for Chrome called IE Tab that could help, but as far as I'm aware hyperlinks don't offer the functionality to jump to a new browser, and even Microsoft don't support Silverlight (it still works in IE but not in Edge or any future browsers) any more so it's going to be a struggle to maintain access to anything that relies on Silverlight.

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Hi Darren, @Darren Rose

As @DeadMeatGF suggested you could use chrome plugins to open any link in IE, here is the plugins list if you would like to install, Open in IE plugins seems better as you can right click on any link to open in IE, hope this help.



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