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Found 8 results

  1. Following on from my previous request to be able to create new Assets from the Service Manage Request View, can we also request an enhancement to be able to create new assets from the Service Manager BPM. We would like to be able to:- Create New Asset, to be able to create a new asset passing the required fields. Link existing Asset, be able to link an asset to the current request, passing the asset id. Share Asset, i.e. turn on sharing and pass the id to the object to be shared too, in our case external organisation (Organisation ID) Update Asset, as per Create, but providing asset id and updated fields. Cheers Martyn
  2. With the recent addition of Snippets for Resolutions which is a great help, could we raise an enhancement request to be able to optional link a Closure Category to the resolution snippet. Thereby when choosing the snippet the Closure Category in the Resolution Action dialog is also populated. Cheers Martyn
  3. I have created a series of link boxes that display the links nicely: But if you add a new Widget below the link boxes it shortens the boxes making you have to scroll: Can this be adjusted to show the original size of the box or allow us to set the pixel height of widget or an option for small, medium, large, larger widget height?
  4. Often when editing established BPM workflows it is necessary to insert additional nodes in between existing nodes. It would be a great help, especially for inserting nodes on a decision outcome, to be able to select an existing link and then insert a new node, without having to remove the link ( and conditions). The idea being that the new node takes over the existing link connection and then has a connection on to the node that the link original went to. Cheers Martyn
  5. Can I raise a enhancement request to have the option when inserting attachments already on the request into the Service Manager Email action, you can get it to insert a direct link to the attachment on the Service/Customer Portal, rather than attaching the file itself. This is part of us trying to encourage customers to use the portals rather than solely rely on email communication channel. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi, We have Customer Portal and there are no social media links. In settings Home=>System=>Manage Portals=>Customize Customer Portal. All Social Media Links are 0. And that's ok. But when customer log in to the Portal those links are there again. How I can remove or hide those social media links from inner sites of Customer Portal? Best Regards, MikaP
  7. Hi Is it possible to create links in FAQ's that open up in a different browser. The current scenario we have is this; We use Chrome or the Self Service Portal, as recommended. However, we need to include a link to webpage that uses Silverlight, which means it cannot be used in Chrome. Therefore, when people click on the link they get an error message relating to Silverlight being used in Chrome. Is it possible to set the browser to use as part of link? thanks Darren
  8. Hello I was wondering if functionality could be introduced if not already for these possible features . Document Manager Documents being able to be selectable in tickets to either add to notes or send to customers . Being able to publish documents to the portal and have permissions sets for just IT and Customer basis . Is there a KB feature for the portal for customers to access, if so easily being able to add from document library as there may be cross over documents Regards Gareth
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