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Customer/Service Portal - export request list

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On 8/30/2017 at 4:22 PM, Gerry said:

@Martyn Houghton

As I said, a simple list export would be reasonable to add, but I expect that will not be enough, for a start I expect those lists to be ever growing historical lists, and so downloading a whole list into Excel and then having to extract the rows based on a date range for example would be a common use case, and we would not support date range selection for example.  The list is pages for display, this would be another problem as the export would only export the current page - unless we go and build different queries and code to deal with reporting output, albeit a simple tabular list this needs to be built with the extreme possibilities in mind, again this type of function is way beyond the scope of the request list designed to allow customers to browse their list of open requests. 

This is where a reporting module would come in, it would allow you to define some basic report types that the customer could use to extract the data they need in a more usable way.  Possibly it might also let the customer schedule their own report and/or get the output in PDF form.  There may be some scope for simplified dashboards too - in essence what you are talking about, a customer friendly self-serve reporting interface is what I would be thinking



Is the customer reporting/dashboard part of the scope for the customer portal changes you are looking at?



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