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Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have to add a new process into our new starter BPM and it is causing me some headaches.

Basically all new mobile phones are now paid for by the cost centre who the new staff member is working for.

In our procap I have added a simple list of all our cost centres which they need to select from (so far so easy)

I also need to know the cost centre owner (which the end user may not know, so asking them is not feasible)

So I was going to do another simple list of cost centre owners but cant see a way of adding the info to the call in a way which means the analysts can see it as part of the call info (preferably the questions). I was hoping to do some flow code similar to how I update the call summary with the new starters name but cant see where I can add the info where it will be useful.

I assume that I cannot append the question answer with the additional info. Is there a way I can (in the procap) have the answer they select automatically populate another field on the same form with the owner? Or is there a simple way of adding the cost centre owner info into the call?



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As you're using simple lists, I assume these are maintained manually?

In the absence of some way of looking up owners automatically from the cost centre that is selected, and assuming owners do not change too frequently, I'd resort to having the cost centre & owner as the same entry on the simple list (e.g. FINANCE - Brian Blessed)

As I type I realise you're now going to say you need to 'use' the owner, e.g. add them to the call as a connection or authoriser, in which case that wouldn't work ...

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You are correct. The owner will also be the authoriser and maybe added to the call.

Also our cost centres are numbered as well as named ie IT Infrastructure and Networks - 34567 so adding the owner as well (whos name could also be quite long) would probably exceed the limit in some cases (or at least push the text off the end of the screen or something)

Add the fact that some cost centres have multiple owners and some owners own multiple cost centres it can be a pain.

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