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Multiple Authorisation workflow


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I m trying to build a workflow where there might be a need for at least 10 authorisations, depending on cost centres selected, a workflow with some many parallel  authorisations is so convoluted and additionally they want to escalation after 3 days to another approver, so I'm wondering, if anyone found a smart way to obtain authorisation from multiple authorisers



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This is the flow we use for what we call "offline" approvals for Change Records:


You have a human task for the analyst (change manager for us) to define which approvers:


And then, depending on the number selected, the parallel workflow selects the one route that is appropriate and that node distributes the approvals by a suitable percentage. Each variable comes from the change manager's selection (or we also have one or two hardcoded ones):


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You may have a challenge putting nested authorisations in parallel working. There is an undocumented limitation in Service Manager that some nodes don't work and are unsupported in parallel streams.

Our approach to approval escalations is not to move the approval up the chain but to inform the authorisers line manager that the authoriser hasn't responded and ask them to give them a kick to get it done. To do that we use nodes to get the authoriser's line manager and email them:


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That is one of the challenges we all face. The system doesn't have automated diverts in place. We are a small team and we rely on either getting it right or the change coordinator asking the change manager to change the approver manually on the task; which we do about one every 2 weeks

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