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API Key Rules for Raising a request

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I'm not sure what you're asking here?

API Key rules are generally required for things like Import Tools where a number of different APIs will be utilised by the Tool, and the Rules restrict the API Key to the required ones.

Raising a Request is simply calling an API - rules should not come into it here.

What you should be doing is establishing a session against a User who can Raise the Request (i.e. they would be able to do this via the UI) and raising the Request, then closing the session.

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Hi @EWA,

As @Steve Giller stated regarding the import tools using the API Keys.

If, however, you are planning your own development, then the developer will need to determine which endpoints (s)he wishes to use and once those endpoints are known, they can be set up as API Keys to restrict the API key to only those API endpoints which the development uses.

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