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  1. Hi Bob This would be using the Standard reports, I can see no easy way of pulling the departments from a report Chris
  2. Hi We are having a problem with being able to add a department or organisation to our reports in Hornbill and wondered if someone can point me in the right direction. We have followed some of the like the one attached but the tables in the example do not exists and we are unsure of to which table we need to use for Department. h_itsm_requests does not show as a table https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Report_Types Struggling with the reports side of things and probably just need a point in the right direction
  3. This is before we move anything and this is if we move something on there The save option does not work and when you exit the process it prompts to save but that does not work either As I say anything new is fine and the Progressive Capture works fine as well
  4. Hi I have the same issue. Any new business processes work that we create but anything existing once you change anything you cannot save it.
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