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  1. Hello, Is anyone aware of a way to delay the triggering of an auto-task within a business process? In my business process there is an automated - task that triggers after the Human task has been completed, Is it possible to automatically wait for a certain period after the Human task is completed, for example 24 hours, and THEN trigger the auto-task?
  2. @Victor This email was sent as an auto-email as part of the business process for request - SR00058605
  3. Hello, There is an issue with the auto-email template the keeps adding an "A" to the beginning of the "£" figure when the auto-emails are sent. I've checked the template and the custom field that it pulls the information from and cant see any mistakes or why this is happening, is anyone able to assist?
  4. Hi, There's been an issue with the customer details information not showing up when selected to be printed. This used to show in previous requests but recently when the customer details is ticked to print as well as other sections, no details are being given, is anyone able to assist? I've attached screenshots of the issue. William.
  5. Hi, I've made a Business process with multiple decisions coming off it within the parallel process. In one of the decisions is the option to end and close the request, but when that task is completed the request is still open and other tasks are still on-going. Is it possible to close the request based on one decision in a parallel process while others are not complete yet? Screenshot attached. Regards, William
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