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  1. When trying to add/amend the department field in an asset we get an error: Error in SQL query, see log for more details
  2. Reloaded application cache, all sorted - please ignore
  3. Hi @TrevorHarris I had tried that already, after reading some of your other responses. We are being told now that we potentially don't have licenses assigned, so that is being looked in to as we assumed we've paying for these. Thanks for your response. Cassie
  4. Having had a look around, it looks like our subscription is no longer visible after the most recent update.
  5. Hi, we are trying to configure live chat and believe everything is set up but live chat is not visible on the service portal nor as a button on live.hornbill. Can you offer any advice? Tried looking on here and in the Wiki but info seems pretty dated. Thanks Cassie @Nick Brailsford
  6. I have cleared the browser cache and this made not difference. The issue is present on IE., Edge & Chrome. When clicking the Save button after changing a record nothing happens. Dan Riley is back here with me in the morning so will also liaise with him. Thanks Cassie
  7. I have also logged as a support request but I am unable to save any changes to asset records since today's update has been applied.
  8. @ArmandoDM We have the same issue trying to add new mobiles.
  9. Hi, I have just noticed today that the filter on some views of the request list, and consequently the charts in the dashboards, are no longer displaying the correct information. This seems to be mainly charts that have team type filters. Just wondered if this is the result on an update?
  10. Thanks @TrevorHarris I will try out both, see which works best for users.
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