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  1. I was viewing on a 24 inch monitor. Thanks for passing on to development
  2. Can the form the the FAQs are on be made bigger, it's very hard to navigate if you have a lot of FAQs. There is a lot of white space on the page that could be utilised. What would also be nice is the ability to reorder them too.
  3. Hi, it looks to be all users. I can go in and edit and resave manager, this then displays correctly. Once the import is rerun, it overwrites and the shows only 1 letter again. We have just updated to the latest import and has made no difference. Thanks Cassie
  4. Hi James, I think you misunderstand, the correct information comes through, Hornbill no longer displays it correctly.
  5. This has always come in through Data Import, it has only just started displaying like this.
  6. In the Platform Configuration > User. All the manager fields only display the last letter of the managers name. Presume this was from a recent update as this previously worked.
  7. Our processes are set to use a specific calendar (servicedesk) and last bank holiday (jubilee) working fine, now it's not taking the holiday exclusions into account
  8. @James Ainsworthdo you have any ideas please?
  9. We have the Summer bank holiday set up as a holiday exclusion in our ServiceDesk Calendar, users however are still able to pick it from the date picker. It seems the calendars are being ignored, is this due to recent update as this wasn't the case last bank holiday. Thanks
  10. Hi, If we use a custom field to temporarily store someone's personal email address, is there an easy way to remove this data from a request at the end of a process? Thanks Cassie
  11. @James Ainsworth So I have the time format field now working after changing that last setting. I have the hide if empty field working. But I can't seem to use them both together. Is this the correct esp condition? Thanks Cassie
  12. Thanks @James Ainsworth will give it a try in the morning and let you know if I have further issues
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