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Assigning Calls

Prathmesh Patel

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Hi Prathmesh,

We currently have a way to exclude someone from having requests assigned to them.  This is done through Administration under the Service Manager -> Service Desk tile.  For each team you can turn off which users should not be assigned requests.

If you are using Services, you can specify which teams support that service and only these teams and their members will be available for assignment.  This will also restrict access to the requests to only those that support the service.

Also, when using Services you can hide the assignment action item on a request and then automate assignments using the BPM.  No one would be able to manually assign.  

Let me know if any of the above would help and if you have any questions about setting these up.  What we don't currently have is an ''Assign'' right that can be added or removed from an individual to prevent them from assigning.  



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