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  1. Eshan, Hi, i am unable to edit as i cannot access the ticket. Ref: IN00052334 Regards, Prav
  2. Yes, unable to open the ticket due to the following errors.
  3. sorry to be a pain on this, but any update? i need to access my stats.
  4. Hi, when trying to close a call IN00052334 - lots of errors come up therefore unable to close. HELP!
  5. Hi, i have noticed that i am unable to select page 2/3/4 etc... when trying to access my measures. Is there some work happening in the background?
  6. Thanks, we are in the same position, but thought i'd ask.
  7. Hi, when updating a ticket using the update function, can user be emailed directly, rather than using the email function?
  8. seems to have been sorted now after a closing and then re-opening the application
  9. Hiya, when looking at request or searching we get the following error: Unable to query request - could not connect to the server (Error codes undefined)
  10. I am looking to enhance our Incident Management Process, and was wandering for any High Priority Incidents, If Service Manager has the ability to send out any text messages?
  11. Brilliant - looking forward to it. Thanks Gerry
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