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  1. Eshan, Hi, i am unable to edit as i cannot access the ticket. Ref: IN00052334 Regards, Prav
  2. Yes, unable to open the ticket due to the following errors.
  3. sorry to be a pain on this, but any update? i need to access my stats.
  4. Hi, when trying to close a call IN00052334 - lots of errors come up therefore unable to close. HELP!
  5. Hi, i have noticed that i am unable to select page 2/3/4 etc... when trying to access my measures. Is there some work happening in the background?
  6. Thanks, we are in the same position, but thought i'd ask.
  7. Hi, when updating a ticket using the update function, can user be emailed directly, rather than using the email function?
  8. seems to have been sorted now after a closing and then re-opening the application
  9. Hiya, when looking at request or searching we get the following error: Unable to query request - could not connect to the server (Error codes undefined)
  10. I am looking to enhance our Incident Management Process, and was wandering for any High Priority Incidents, If Service Manager has the ability to send out any text messages?
  11. Brilliant - looking forward to it. Thanks Gerry
  12. Hi, just wanted to ask if there is going to be an Insights events this year?
  13. Hi, is there a way we can create a button or even a field whereby we can add a post review section before closing the call?
  14. Hi, when sending email to all user just effecting one of our clients, the status of the email is failed. looking at the log its states = MAIL: Failed to send message: Code: 550 - ChilkatLog: Please advise.
  15. Hi, is there way a widget can be created to show the change calendar? then to be shown on the dashboard?
  16. Hiya, I get a new error when trying to create project - please assist.
  17. Are we able to create our own forms in progressive capture?
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