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Good afternoon, 


Apologies if the below are answered on another post but am unable to locate them.

I have the below 2 questions from my business which i am struggling to answser;


1) If someone is tagged in a comment be it on a request or a post, they get a notification on the portal, however do we have a way to also ensure they are emailed to state they have been mentioned in a comment to ensure it is picked up promptly?


2) As per the below image, we have certain requests highlighted yellow, but i cannot figure out why as they are all in the closed state and nothing obvious stands out.



All help appreciated.



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1. there is no current functionality to have email notifications for @ mentions I'm afraid. Perhaps something that might be considered by product managers and dev team.

2. a request appears highlighted in yellow when there has been update on teh request. The request will stay highlighted until the request owner access the request. For example if another analyst than Tom (or a system internal action) resolved/closed the request from David Finn, then the request will stay highlighted until Tom opens this request.

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