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MeToo and Linked Calls


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Where can I find out the number of users that have clicked the 'Me Too' button on the portal and the number of linked calls for a problem?

I'd like to be able to report on it for our monthly reports and also display in a list of open problems in a dashboard



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Hi @Everton1878

There is a table called h_itsm_request_connections which stores the connections, or Me Too links.  

I created a 'List of Data' widget using the Custom SQL option on a  to provide something similar.  

SELECT h_request_id As Reference, h_itsm_requests.h_summary AS Summary, COUNT(h_request_id) AS Impacted from h_itsm_request_connections
inner Join h_itsm_requests on h_request_id=h_pk_reference and h_requesttype='Problem' and (h_status='status.open'  OR h_status='status.new')
Group by h_request_id
order by Impacted desc
Limit 10

Steps to create..

  1. Open 'Advanced Analytics'
  2. Click on the 'Widgets' tile
  3. Click on + to create new widget
  4. Select the General Settings button in the tool bar
  5. Select List of Data from the 'Type of Widget' pick list
  6. Select the Widget Settings button in the tool bar
  7. Under 'List Type' select Custom SQL Query
  8. Click on the 'Edit Custom SQL'
  9. Copy and paste the above SQL in the provided box
  10. Click 'Apply Changes'

Let me know if this helps or is close to what you are looking for.



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