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Found 23 results

  1. It appears that when I go into this to change it to disabled or anything else, the system doesn't save the change and just defaults to 1 minute. This fine apart from when doing work in views or dashboards as when these auto update after a minute, this then unselects the request you are selecting or with the dashboard this is particularly annoying as it loads then instantly refreshes the data meaning you never get to see your dashboard. Can this be looked into for me please?
  2. Hello, I have created a measure using asset manager data with the below filter h_class = "mobileDevice" and h_record_state in(0,1) and h_warranty_start is not Null I know looking in the system that the oldest asset we have is from 2013., i want to create a dashboard to show, warranty start dates so i can display by year the ages of the computer estate. this works great when i put this into a Widget but for some reason it doesn't show 2021.. the rest of the years as expected... any ideas? it has also already finished sampling. The widget looks fine! Confused! please can anyone see what is wrong?
  3. Hello Team, When creating a view and adding custom fields to create custom collums, this only goes up to custom field O. Are there any plans to or a way to add P,Q,R,S,&T to this, as we want to utilise this as an exportable criteria from views. Thank you, Foley
  4. I recently archived an analyst that has left the company. After I while a dashboard that was owned/created by that employee was sought by another person and wasn't found. So I un-archived the user again to to login as him/her and try to find it but there were none. Question is, are dashboards/views deleted on archiving or has the user cleaned up before leaving?
  5. Hi All, I believe the following is a BUG but there doesn't appear to be the option to log this in the service portal. I have created two charts based on a request view in service manager, when previewing the charts the data's correct, when viewing them in the dashboard vie the data does not seem to reflect the criteria set against the view. The problem seems to be using the "Raised On" condition, if this is set to "Previous Month" it doesn't work, if set to last 30 days it works. Its very odd. Screenshots shown below, View Criteria: (Returns 94 total requests) Chart Preview (Shows 94 requests correctly): Dashboard View: Shows incorrect data, there should only be 94 requests in total but the following is showing 363, when the segments of the chart are clicked, the drill down data is correct. as an example, there is currently 1 request in "Not Set" not 13.
  6. At the moment you can only have one Request List 'Personal Dashboard' which you access via clicking on the icon to "Switch to My Dashboards", which then displays all views with a configured chart. When you have only a small number of charts configured this is not too bad, but once you have a growing number this can be quite cumbersome, slow to load and put unnecessary load on the instance. Can the system be enhanced to allow the creating multiple 'Personal Dashboards' and when setting up charts you tick which 'Personal Dashboards' the said chart will then display on, i.e. none, one or multiple. Then when you click on the button as is you see all as you do now, but if you click on the drop down you can select the 'Personal Dashboard' you want to view. This will mean the output is better formatted with only the charts you need for the actions you are currently taking, as well as reducing the unnecessary database load of querying every chart data source, therefore providing a faster response to the end user as well. Cheers Martyn
  7. Since we updated Service Manager from 1515 to 1554 on 16/07/2019, dashboard charts are showing segments all as one colour - blue, rather than different colours. At least two managers have reported this issue so far. See attached example.
  8. When viewing dashboards it appears that the charts are out of alignment and it can get a bit confusing, could this be looked into please (the titles of the charts are appearing at the bottom of the one above)? Also when moving charts to relocate you have to position a lot higher than you think to get them to stay in the new location.
  9. Hi Is there a way to transfer ownership to someone else? The person who wrote many of our dashboards, reports, measures and widgets is leaving the organisation. Or is there a permission that allows you to take ownership? Thanks Helen
  10. I have been asked to set up a dashboard for a colleague which would show calls that have been open for a certain period of time, eg call age over 72 hours. is this possible?
  11. Hi All, I'm doing some dashboards and i'd like to know if there is a way to select requests of child teams? For example our IT operations hornbill organisational team contains five child teams who each resolve support requests. if i wanted a dashboard to show how many incidents and service requests were raised by the whole division could i run a dashboard that picked up and combined the tickets from all child teams? I suspect i'd need to do a report for this but as im really getting a lot of use from the dashboards i thought it was worth asking. Thanks James
  12. Hi, I just created 2 very interesting dashboards for my company and I would like all users to have access to them. However, for dashboards, we need to manually assign rights to users, groups or roles. I have too many teams and users to do that manually so I was looking for a shortcut using a custom role. But I am struggling and some help would be welcomed! What settings do I need to give to my role to make it appear in the dashboard settings? My dashboard properties and the access I would like to setup: My custom role: I have not given any specific database rights. Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, Some of my colleagues reported some strange behaviour with charts in the "My Dashboard" view of the request list. Below is an email I received. " I have created my Hornbill dashboard beginning of April. It worked fine. Beginning of May I changed some of the criteria as some charts are supposed to only show the data of the current month. For example for zz-MES, I changed the date to 01/05/17 to only see the calls raised from the 1st of May: I checked the Chart, it seemed ok, clicked Save and Close. However the chart displayed in my dashboard is not updated. It looks as if the date has not been changed: In the Chart section, if I click on Edit then Save the Chart (without changing anything), the image changes: And I think that the chart on my dashboard is correct now: But for other charts it did not work. I had to do “Preview Chart” before saving as just Edit -> Save did not work. Why when I change the criteria the chart does not automatically take into account the new criteria? What is the rule so that the charts are updated correctly? (it seems a little bit random…)" Would anybody be able to share some knowledge on how this works exactly? I am quite puzzled too to be honest. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Wondering if it is possible to play a slideshow through an external link rather than to having to log in to the admin portal (which we have to do every day on a TV)? If not could this feature be implemented? Thanks
  15. Guest

    Access to Dashboard

    Hi I have just created anew user and given this user - collaboration and dashboard viewer roles. I want this user to view the dashboards. On the dashboard - under dashboard properties - I have given this person the access to this dashboard. The user logs in and can see the dashboard app on the screen. When you go into the dashboard app - the user is unable to see the dashboard. Please can you help me. Sonali
  16. It would be good if the colours on the counter lists could be changed based on the results The current triggers only change the text colour, it would be better if it changed the value field colour and the icon colour Even better would be if it could change the background colour to bring better attention to it I have the trigger set on the number of emails but it only changes the text colour wihich isn't that obvious Another good thing would be to have conditional formatting on data lists
  17. Hi all, I am trying to have a live dashboard to display in the service desk with stats such as: Number of tickets open - total Number of tickets logged - daily Number of tickets open - per analyst Number of tickets breached - total However it seems that the measures will only rescan once per day so all of the widgets are a day behind. I have a widget set up to show open tickets (attached) and even though it seems incorrect (47 open tickets, I can only see 38 in service manager) it has captured the three I logged yesterday, just a day behind. I am certain it is something I have done (or not done) as is usually the case. Any ideas? Thanks Dan
  18. Hi all, Have all the demo analytics been removed from the demo instance? I was hoping to see how to make some nice looking dashboards. Mainly like the one shown at the bottom of this thread,
  19. Hi, Where can I find out the number of users that have clicked the 'Me Too' button on the portal and the number of linked calls for a problem? I'd like to be able to report on it for our monthly reports and also display in a list of open problems in a dashboard Thanks, Pete
  20. Hullo, I've added a widget to a dashboard, activated the dashboard and granted myself permission to it. My user is listed in 'Dashboard Viewer' . But I can't see the widget in 'my Dashboards' - what am I doing wrong? Hope you can point me in the right direction. Cheers, Claire
  21. Would it be possible to have some more granular timing options on the Dashboard Slideshow screen in the sub 1 minute section? At the moment you only have the options for 3, 5 and 10 Seconds. Would it be possible to have 20, 30, 40 and 50 second options? Also it might be an idea to create a Dashboard sub forum under System Administration. Cheers Martyn
  22. Guest

    Dashboard not refreshing

    Hi Guys I'm pretty sure since a recent update my Dashboard has stopped automatically updating. I have checked the settings and I have the 'Allow Manual Refresh' option ticked for every 2 minutes however it doesnt work Cheers
  23. Hello For some reason the text is showing small on the dashboard screen, this only happens when you full screen it shows normally in a slideshow and in minimized mode
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