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Indicate if ProCap or Business Process are in use

Steve Giller

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Would it be possible to have an enhancement to the UI to indicate if a Progressive Capture or Business Process are currently assigned to a Service?
Currently we only have a few of each, but as we create more and some are retired etc. there will inevitably be processes that are active but unused. We want to make all unused/deprecated processes inactive but having to click through every service to check if they're in use so we don't deactivate one that breaks something will become increasingly time-consuming.

I've attached an image of the kind of thing I'm thinking of.

Screenshot 2017-01-06 09.48.22.png

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Hi @DeadMeatGF,

Thank you for your suggestion. We had a conversation around this within Hornbill.

There are some complexities involved. While a Service definition is a key source of information within Service Manager for raising requests, there are cases where this is not the case. A default Business Process can be defined through Service Manager's Application Settings (e.g. app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.incident). This can then be used for raising requests through the Auto Responder.

Another area of concern is - you can use a Business Process or Progressive Capture for multiple Services or multiple Catalogs or Request Types in a single Service. In this case, provided that the Service name is presented in the relevant UIs through the Administration Tool, you'll still be required to open the Service definition, open multiple Catalogs or Configuration for multiple Request Types to find out what exactly a particular Progressive Capture or BPM is being used for.

The other challenge and complexity is that Progressive Capture and BPM Designer are features that are available to Service Manager App but are managed through and belong to the Administration Tool. We use these features to help you to design your Services but in principle, a Progressive Capture is simply a flow for capturing information - whether it is used for a Service Desk request or for booking your holiday through another App.

I will bring this up internally with the team to see if we can provide this option.



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Just to clarify - I don't need any detail on what it's being used for - if it's being used for anything (a catalog, multiple catalogs, a default etc.) in any app then I don't want it turned off, the indicator is more of a "Don't touch this, you'll break stuff!" warning (yes, this has happened!) than being there to provide any level of detail, if that helps?

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