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cant get logged into hornbill - urgent


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Hi Guys - please can anyone shed any light on this, - several of my analysts (including myself cant get logged into hornbill)

its saying that ' I have reached my user subscription limit of 20 ...'


but i don't understand how we are getting this message, as we pay for 20 users, and i am one of the named 20 users, same for my other colleagues who are getting this message?


anyone help please?



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thanks for your reply victor - we seem to have got this working again by reducing our user count to 19 of 20 users,


we have recently archived a user who has left, and added a new account to be a 'user' account, I did this this morning, and all seemed fine until about an hour ago, so not sure if something is getting mixed up somewhere or whats going on?


it seems some time after we added this user (which only took us to 20 of 20, as we removed the leaver from the subscribers list) it stopped letting any of users login if you didn't already have a session open,


@Gerry was helping me with how to archive an account / create a new user



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@Gary@ADL we looking to see what the problem is/was but so far the investigation show that possibly the archived user could had an active session which is counted when doing subscription checks...


We can try clearing all the sessions from admin tool (maybe after business hours) then you can add back the 20th user and see if the issue still persist?

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hiya guys - yes tht would be great if you could? 5pm onwards should be fine -  is there anything we can do on our side? the archived user hasn't been here for about 2 weeks, and his AD account has been disabled since them, so am unsure how he could have a session open unless he perhaps tried to use his personal phone to access or something like that,


many thanks for your support thus far,




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