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outputting Pro-cap answers on emails


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Hi guys - I cant remember if this has been covered before, but ive had a look and cant find anything,

is there a way of outputting a users pro-cap custom form answers onto an email template (other than description/summary)? or assigning the users answers to a one of the 'custom' fields available to reference?


so for example for a desk move request, in the progressive capture stage I would ask the user to select a date via a custom form,


I'd then like to output this date on a confirmation email, using a custom email template written for this service - booking confirmation type thing. I'd like to be able to output numerous different answers on one template too, so just setting the date as the summary/description isn't feasible





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Hi @Gary@ADL

Thanks for the post

This is possible and is covered on the wiki in the Progressive Capture Pages: 


If you expand the Mapping Questions From Customised Forms Section, you'll see how to map answers to the custom fields of a request, and a section then on Using Custom Questions and Answers in Email Templates these should give you what you are after.

Hope that helps


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