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Service Manager - Email compatability


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Hi, We are live with Service Manager but only partly from an email point of view due to problems getting emails in through our firewall.  Outbound emails work fine.

I wanted to double check that the system works (and is easily configurable) with both Googlemail and Office 365 as these are both routes we are exploring as an organisation, hopefully then we can get the emails going into the system too.



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We use Office365 for one of our mailboxes fine and we also use an internally hosted mailbox Exchange mail box for another.

On the later we had to enable connection from the Hornbill's fixed external IP Address through firewall on port 993 from incoming IMAP4 connections and port 587 from the SMTP.

On the former as both the mailbox and the system as hosted, so there should be no need for any user configurable firewall between them.



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