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Simple list maintenance issue


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I am having issues with the urgencyList maintenance... I am try to setup translated values but the system is behaving strangely. To order the values in the progressive capture, I am trying to prefix with a number. But the system won't let me do it for "High" and "Medium"?! See video attached:


Surprisingly it is working fine for the impactList:


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Hi Lyonel,

Thanks for your post.  I did some tests and it appears that there is a 64 character limit for the translations.  If you enter more than 64 characters, the save does not commit and the previous value is maintained.

What it looks like you are adding is a description for the priority rather than a translation.  This description is a very worthwhile option and something that we will look at building in the future with our own Impact, Urgency, and possibly Priority options.  




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