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Found 16 results

  1. Since @samwoo post back in December 2021, the behaviour of the use of Outcome Fields with simple list seem to have changed from inserting the 'Value' column to that of the 'Default Display' column. Can we request an enhancement request to have this configurable on the Human Task Outcome Field configuration to control whether the 'Value' or the 'Default Display' values are inserted in the variable when selecting from a simple list. This will allow use control at the variable level how we want it to be populated. In our example of the moment we are want to use a simple list to allow the analyst to set the Resolution Category, for which we need to pass into the node a numeric value, so would want the 'Value' column from the simple list, not the human readable 'Display Value' (example below). However at the moment you get the latter textual value which you cannot use with the BPM node. Cheers Martyn
  2. When we have simple lists and we try to order this list by value we add 1, 2, 3, 4 etc but it seems to not cope with rising numbers past 9 e.g. it seems to put the order 1, 10, 11, 2 etc Please can this be looked into
  3. There seems to be an issue with the Intelligent Capture (Progressive Capture) editor in the new Admin Tool. When creating a new dynamic field and selecting the Provider Type as 'Simple List' the UI does not change and you are not able to select the simple list. UI remains stuck on Data Provider options. Cheers Martyn
  4. Evening all, I'm hoping to please get some help with the Simple List Import Utility if possible Basically I'm trying to import a list from a CSV using the tool but I can't seem to get the Default Display field to populate with info from the CSV, each time I do the import the Default display is populated by the Value as shown below. Am I missing something? or is it not possible to populate the Default Display field using the import tool? Many thanks
  5. Linked to my earlier post below, can the Simple List Value column length be extended from 64 characters to 256. We are using this for Enterprise Integration and need to include raw values longer than 64 characters. In our case we are passing filenames to the iBridge OneDrive cloud automation nodes. Cheers Martyn
  6. We use a large number of Simple Lists and are hitting an issue with the 'Display Value' column width, which appears to be limited to a maximum of around 64 characters. Can this be increased? Cheers Martyn
  7. I am struggling to locate a specific API method for adding a new set of values to a simple list (Service Manager). Is this just done via the generic addRecord method? Cheers Martyn
  8. We use a large number of #Simple List' as sources for list in progressive capture and custom fields, so it would be really useful to have a Filter/Search facility in the Admin Tool for Service Manager > Simple Lists. Also presume this would be useful in the other 'Simple Lists' for the others Apps as well. Cheers Martyn
  9. We are trying to find a way to map a simple list to a custom field, we have a bespoke list for Problem Priority's and want to display these in the description section of the request so that we can alter this via a drop-down list.
  10. Hi, Can we have the character limit in the simple lists increased please? I have created a new list for a new team / service and 4 of the items hit the limit. The items are code descriptions taken from a third party and so I can't really shorten them. Thanks Dan
  11. It would be useful to have the ability to add additional non-display fields or varying types (i.e. like the request custom details fields) to the current simple list facility, which can then be accessed via the BPM workflow in decision nodes, automated tasks and integration calls. This would make the BPM more 'programmable' based on the additional fields values selected by the select made in the simple list. From a display point of view in terms of the Progressive Capture or request custom fields, they would display as they do now, as the additional values for each row would not need to be displayed, only retrievable via a BPM node, 'Get List Fields'. Cheers Martyn
  12. We use a lot of simple list in our progressive captures, mainly for version number and other cross referees. At the moment you have to administer this with the client iteslf, however it would be really useful to have the ability to populate them by importing from a source files such as CSV, whether via the client itself or via a command line tool. The latter would allow scheduled process to update the content automatically. Cheers Martyn
  13. Would it be possible to have a type of Simple List source for use in progressive capture questions and custom fields which uses a SQL query to generate the available options? The reason for asking is that we are looking to log internal project management requests in the system, but they will relate to an external customer(contact) organisation. So rather than having to maintain a list of organisations in a simple list, I would, in this case, use a SQL query to obtain a list of organisations from the existing internal table where the industry type is a certain value. Cheers Martyn
  14. I am trying to ascertain what roles and application permissions are required in order to allow a non-system admin user access to the admin page and the ability to maintain a simple list held within Service Manager. We use a lot of Simple lists to hold version information against services, which are they picked up in the progressive capture process, as there is not inbuilt version handerling against service or catalog items. I want to to allow certain users to able to update the version lists, without them having full system administration access. Can you advise on what permissions are required? Cheers Martyn
  15. Hi, I am having issues with the urgencyList maintenance... I am try to setup translated values but the system is behaving strangely. To order the values in the progressive capture, I am trying to prefix with a number. But the system won't let me do it for "High" and "Medium"?! See video attached: simple-list-issue.wmv Surprisingly it is working fine for the impactList:
  16. Hello we have added an extra field in the ticket which is not populated via a capture process but items are selectable via a drop down menu which sits in the simple list section. My Question is how do I report on the field? which table does this information sit it? Its the one called root cause however in future we may want to report on additional fields we add
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