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co-worker search in procap

Paul Morrow

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In progressive capture how do I allow the request customer search for another user. I've tried co-worker search but even with the form set as mandatory = True it always skips the section.

What I am trying to do is allow line-managers to raise tickets about leavers and to select other users to have emails, voicemail, authorisations etc forwarded to.

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Hi Paul,

The skipping of the assign progressive capture form has been designed in this way. It was purpose build for the Support Teams raising requests and not for the customers on the portal. There are a few forms that are only available to Support Staff in the full client.  The Customer Search form provides additional information such as other requests that the customer has raised, which may include sensitive data that one may not want another customer to see.

If you were already looking to expose the customer service form in progressive capture, then possibly you could look to replace this with a custom form to capture the additional data.  However, I'm not sure at this point if you would be able to fulfill the requirement for your emails, voicemail, and authorizations from within the portal. These are normally kept for those that are participating in the process end of things in the full client.  Through the capture you can use this information collected to automate actions once the BPM process has started.



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Just to add to James comments, there is the ability for other 'users' to be added as connections to requests.  Currently this is manually performed on the requests once logged, but you can define the different type of connections you want to make available.  Once you have a user added as a connection to a request, you can through the supporting business process automate the sending of email notifications at milestones in your process to one, or different connection types to the request. 

Info on the wiki concerning connections:  


https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Workflow - Request Connections section

Now this won't solve all of your issues but it may help.

We have a development story defined to add a new progressive capture form which will allow 'connections' to be added during the logging process, this story is not in the current short term queue but once it progresses and is available we will post back here.

In the meantime you could capture the user via a custom form as James suggests and manually add them as a connection, and then the business process can take care of email notifications. 

Hope this helps


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