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Analyst availability alerting


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Hi Guys

I think its great that you can set your availability in Service Manager however its only really visible to others if they click on the analysts profile.

It would be great if we could see some improvement in this area, for example, if you are logging a request to an analyst via the Progressive Capture you get to see if they are available like below.  Or if a call is logged via the Portal and assigned to someone that is un-available it is able to automatically re-assign.





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Hi Adam

Thanks for the suggestions, and Martyn thanks for referring to the original post. 

You may or may not have noticed but we have just introduced the ability to see users status and availability when using the @ mention functionality?

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 19.13.04.png

We are currently working on introducing something similar into the assignment options within Service Manager, so watch this space for the update when this development is complete and released. 

In addition there are assignment options in the Business process engine which can look to automatically assign to a member within a team who has the least requests and is currently set as available, the automated assignment options including the Assign to the most available Analyst are explained here on the wiki.


Hope this helps



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