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Automatic close on reopened calls


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in our current business process calls that are resolved have a timer to close automatically after a few hours, if the call is reopened before its closed and then resolved teh timer does not work. Any ideas how I can get the timer to close reopened resolved calls.





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Not sure I follow this... :) How is the request reopened? Is it via task completion or an analyst reopens the ticket from call action button? From the current configuration, when the task is completed with "reopen" outcome, it will loop back to, again, the "Await Call Closure" task, but this would be a new task... What exactly does not work with the task timer?

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This is our solution: What we have is a task that is created after the call gets resolved. 

  1. Human Task - Is the call resolved?
  2. If the "Is the call resolved" Task = "Yes" then create a new Automatic Suspend - Wait for Resolution Task
  3. Once the Analyst "Resolves" the call, a new Human Task is created with an expiry of 5 days.  This task contains 1 button ("Reopen Call?")
  4. If the Human Task expires then the call will automatically close
  5. If the analyst completes the Human Task by clicking on "Reopen Call?" they will need to provide a reason and then the call status will change to "Open"
  6. Repeats the call from step 1 above

This will loop if the call is constantly reopened until the Human Task has expired after 5 days,

Sorry my post is a bit rushed if it doesn't make sense.

Is this the sort of info you are looking for?



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@chriscorcoran perhaps I am still not following your thought but, to reopen the call, the analyst will complete the task with the "reopen" outcome... then the task is completed so the timer on it will cease to exist. If the BP is configured to re-create the task when it has been resolved again, then this new task will "restart" the time, as it is a new task from Hornbill perspective... Is it here where the timer is not working?

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