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Internet Explorer 11

Ralf Peters

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we are having a lot of problems with Internet Explorer 11 ( build 11.0.9600.18204)

the service portal does not display the Main Image Text proberly , it's pushed up and is barely visible .

Cut and paste of screen captures do not work anymore in the request update and/or conversations .

All seems to work in Chrome .

do other people have the same issue ?

is there a fix ?



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Hi Ralf,

Regarding the Paste of images to the timeline and conversations, it is only available in Chrome. However, we do have a plan to add support to Firefox, IE and Edge. The reference number for that feature is CH00140423.

Kind regards,


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Hi Ralf,

Thanks not a problem we were experiencing issues after moving the forums this morning but our Infrastructure guys believe this should be fixed now.

Can you post a screenshot of the display issue you are seeing as we are trying to replicate the issue internally and things are displaying correctly?

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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