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"Quick Log Calls" functionality in Service Manager


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Hi Graham

Thanks for your post.

Service Manager provides functionality to speed up the logging process for repeat calls and I would suggest their are two areas to initially look at:

1. Request Templates - Available from the Incident and Service Request Progressive Capture forms, users with the Service Manager Admin role will see the option to configure Request Templates and predefine the values which will automatically be populated into the Progressive Capture forms when a Request Template is chosen by an analyst using the Incident and or Service Request options (These are not available for Change, Problems, Known Errors or using the 'Raise New' Progressive Captures).

Create from here:


Edit here:


Use from Here


When editing the Request Template forms, the available questions will reflect the progressive capture forms you have defined for your Incident and or Service Request Progressive Capture flows:

More on Progressive Capture here - https://wiki.hornbil...apture_Workflow

Please also consider you can combine the presetting of the requests fields both from Progressive capture but also from the Business Process which maybe invoked once you raise the request using a request template.

The business process may give you the option to automatically move the request into a resolved or closed status and or use the the Update options to set request values.

Check out the Update Request options available in our business process engine here: https://wiki.hornbil...rocess_Workflow

2. Request Catalog Items

This option allows you to predefine the request catalog options both for Incidents and Service Requests that either the Analysts when logging a call can choose from or your customers on the portals can choose.

These allow you to be specific about what service options you provide and each catalog item can have it's own Progressive Capture script with it's own questions, and it's own fulfilment process.

I mention these as this is a very simply way to raise a request, and if you can define the types of issues you receive you can use the business process underpinning each item to preset values on logging like - Priority, Summary, Description, Logging category which saves the analysts / and customers from having to enter these for known issues or requests.


Learn more about the Request Catalog here: https://wiki.hornbil...Request_Catalog

Check out the Update Request options available in our business process engine here: https://wiki.hornbil...rocess_Workflow

I hope this give you some ideas and points you in the right direction



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