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Planned changes added directly to the Change calendar


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My colleagues are wondering if there a way to add planned changes directly to the Change Calendar without having to raise a call through Hornbill?

If not we welcome any other solutions to go about doing something like this, but can such feature be thought about in future releases?

Many thanks,


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Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your post.

The calendar feature is currently tied directly to existing Change requests that have already been raised in Hornbill. It sounds like you would like to add an entry to the Change Calendar that is not an existing change. Possibly a comment or note that contains changes that don't require a full change request?

Depending on who the audience is, you can also use the Service Manager Boards. Although this does not provide a calendar view, you can add comment cards and also automate it as part of a change process.

There are some long term plans to provide additional functionality in the future around the existing change calendar. However, is more likely to come later in the year.

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