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Service Manager workflow - Suspend task on status change?

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Good afternoon,

For the Suspend auto task, I can see there is one for "Wait for Request Resolution" so we can get the BPM to do something if the request is resolved at a specific point. Could I do something similar with a request being closed?

For example I'd like to, if a request is closed after being resolved (either by the customer or an analyst), it will send a closure e-mail. If it is re-opened, turn on the resolution timer again and wait for it to be resolved. I've attached a draft diagram of what I'd like it to do.


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Thank you for your post. I can see that there are a few possible requirements that we can bring together to be able to achieve this in the future. We do have a particular change in our backlog to allow for some settings to include a BPM suspend and wait for closure.

We could also consider some options to the stop and start timers or possibly add a pause/un-pause timer option. At the moment we are doing some work on the Service Level timers and we will need to wait until this work is complete before looking at additional options.

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I have a similar request to IntegraGreg. Currently our workflow for Incidents and Service Requests stops at the point where requests get resolved. An email is sent to the customer asking them to confirm closure. However, if the customer doesn't action this (which is most of the time), the request remains in the resolved state. It would be much better if we could add an additional step in the workflow, where the request is waiting to be closed, and if it hasn't been closed or reopened by the customer after a set period (say two weeks), then the request is automatically closed.


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Hi Mark

Daniel Riley helped me with that "self-healing" function during SwitchOn. If you set a human task node at the resolution step with an expiry, you can then use a decision node after with a branch where outcome == expired for it to auto close the ticket within workflow.


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We too are trying to have a process post resolution which waits for the customer to close the incident.


Do you plans include the facility to put an expiry on the proposed wait for closure suspect task, so that the process can be paused for a set period of time, akin to the Support Works auto close timer? Like Greg we would want the ability to branch after this wait for closure task to link back in to the process if the customer chooses the option to re-open the request.



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