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  1. IntegraGreg

    Temporary date-bound SLAs

    Hi @David Hall thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to it!
  2. IntegraGreg

    Temporary date-bound SLAs

    One of our clients has requested extended hours cover for a period of time. I've created a new working time calendar and SLA but it seems that for the rules I can't add "Date logged" as a condition, so for example if a ticket was logged during this period and it's for client A, use this SLA, else use the standard SLA. Even if I was able to add a date logged condition, would it be possible?
  3. IntegraGreg

    Outbound e-mail action removing linefeeds from content

    Thanks @Chaz and @Victor, update applied a while back and it's all good again!
  4. We're about to start looking at moving our Service Desk team from a Serviced Office to a Managed one, and we'll need to sort out our own telephone system. Does anyone have any experience of using them in a day to day capacity that can recommend a solution? We're only a small team of under 10 and we do a lot of chargeable & on-site work so features such as call logging/reporting and unified communications would be a bonus.
  5. IntegraGreg

    Outbound e-mail action removing linefeeds from content

    Hi Victor Thanks for looking into this. Here's how it appears in the message box. Here's how it appears in the timeline And here's how it appears in the mailbox sent items (and how the customer sees it)
  6. We're currently using the old (non rich-text) messaging box for e-mailing our customers. It seems that since a recent update the e-mails we're sending out are missing the linefeeds in the original message. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  7. IntegraGreg

    Issues: New Email View in Requests

    Hi @Steven Boardman Thanks for this, I think before on using the previous style it was just a right-click on it's own which brought up the spellcheck. Will advise my colleagues of the change!
  8. IntegraGreg

    Issues: New Email View in Requests

    Just to tack on another issue with this specific action: Google Chrome (v69) - when you get a spelling error you are unable to correct it using a context menu. This works in Edge and IE11.
  9. Hi Paul We're in the same situation - at one of our review meetings with our customers they've mentioned that they are unable to see how we're performing via the Customer Portal and have to rely on our reporting. If we could get priorities and maybe even those SLA traffic lights etc. included that would mean so much for our customers. Greg
  10. IntegraGreg

    Portal - Accessibility Standard WCAG 2.0

    Hi @Gerry Many thanks for keeping us updated and the wiki page on this is great. Is there any kind of roadmap or timescales in order to gain increased compliance - at least to the basic A level? We have noticed over the past year our potential customers in the public sector are beginning to ask questions of our offering around accessibility specifically. Greg
  11. Hi Folks Would like Service Manager to send task information (time spent, billable flag etc.) to a 3rd party web service on the "task completed" event. Have tried a few of the events but nothing comes out. Aside from what's on the wiki does anyone know the correct event to get this information? Cheers, Greg
  12. IntegraGreg

    Portals - holistic request view

    Hi Martyn, Glad I'm not the only one! I know that the ability to view the organisation's tickets is in there - it was put in a couple of months ago now and we've found that very useful so far. If you don't know already, it's done in the Organisation screen in Service Manager, if you expand the requests list there will be a portal access link for you to assign the organisational view to specific contacts.
  13. IntegraGreg

    Portals - holistic request view

    Good afternoon, Just wondering if anyone else has requested granting portal users the ability to see all of their requests (across services) from one screen? As we introduce more services for our 3rd party customers this will prove valuable to their quality of life when using it.
  14. IntegraGreg

    Queries Regarding Application Upgrades

    Just tagging on to this thread, is it possible for an e-mail to go out prior to the non-minor releases? Especially ones that introduce new functionality and not bug fixes as, I know in the past - such as the updated services view on the portals, unless you were previously discussing it with support staff you would not know about it happening. You do have the notifications bird but I don't find it effective. It would be good to know what's going to be released (even if it's a days notice) rather than receiving a call/an e-mail from our external customers asking why something has changed and we're in the same position as them.
  15. Hi Mark Daniel Riley helped me with that "self-healing" function during SwitchOn. If you set a human task node at the resolution step with an expiry, you can then use a decision node after with a branch where outcome == expired for it to auto close the ticket within workflow.