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  1. @Martyn Houghton Lovely thanks for the insight. We'll have a look about giving the customer the ability to suggest a priority.
  2. Hi @Martyn Houghton Thanks for taking time to help out. When the ticket is created it's assigned to the agreement, but not the level. The level is assigned at the point of setting the ticket priority.
  3. Hi @Martyn Houghton We've got the Workflow set on the service incident config and also in the Catalog item itself which have start and stop response timer steps:
  4. Good afternoon, It's probably something I should have looked into sooner, but has anyone else got this issue? It seems that on all of our tickets, if it is logged with a catalog item, the response timer refuses to start. I've noticed that in particular recent tickets raised without a catalog item (before I forced the analysts to choose one as part of the progressive capture), we get values in the "Request_Respond_By", "Request_Response_Time", and "Within_Response_time" in the h_itsm_requests table.
  5. Hi James Thanks for this, I tried the Mandatory flag before but it wasn't forcing the user to choose a catalog item. That extra setting solves it all! Kind regards, Greg
  6. I'm trying to stop my analysts from logging tickets without selecting a service catalog item (or even a service). I've tried looping back to the Service Details step using a branch but when testing it in the real world, the progressive capture ignores it and continues to the next step via No Match. Am I approaching this in the wrong way?
  7. When clicking on the "apply to request" button from the inbox view, it lists the attachments on the e-mail so we can select which are attached to the request. There is no way of previewing the list of attachments - you can' do this when raising a new request from the inbox however - using the "add attachments" progressive capture screen. Could this be reviewed please?
  8. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thanks for the explanation, I was wondering if it were to possible to include the templates created under System Administraton site rather than the user, under System/Email/Templates. Many thanks, Greg
  9. The ticket enters this stage after resolving a ticket. As soon as the ticket enters the stage it seems to cycle round constantly, spamming out the emails from the EMAIL step. It looks like the Suspend task "WAIT: Status", isn't suspending until the status is changed, but just letting it through. Any thoughts? Also as an aside I've added two more Timer start/stop for Resolve, would putting these in append time to the timer, or reset it back to zero? Thanks, Greg
  10. Is it possible, when composing one-off emails directly from the inbox and using templates, to either: a) Allow us to select the templates created in System Administration, or b) Include a source button to allow us to code our e-mails in HTML directly?
  11. @Steven Boardman Thanks for the advice, I'll switch this back to having them sequential.
  12. Workflow seems to be stalling on these suspend tasks, one for wait for request owner and the other wait for request priority. Workflow does not progress if I do either action in any order. Aside from scrapping the parallel processing and doing each suspend after the other, can anyone work out why it isn't progressing?
  13. Hi @David Hall thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to it!
  14. One of our clients has requested extended hours cover for a period of time. I've created a new working time calendar and SLA but it seems that for the rules I can't add "Date logged" as a condition, so for example if a ticket was logged during this period and it's for client A, use this SLA, else use the standard SLA. Even if I was able to add a date logged condition, would it be possible?
  15. Thanks @Chaz and @Victor, update applied a while back and it's all good again!
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