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Newly created pages that are published default to design page when I view them in Company portal?

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Hi All

I have updated our Employee portal with a new service domain with its own main page / child pages. When I view this in company home in Service Manager their main page shows as expected as below 1st image shows. However when I go into any of the child pages (Meet the team / Opening hours / Common ORC FAQs / Helpful User Guides) it appears to default to the Edit page even though they are published? 2nd image shows this - is this correct? None of the older published pages I look at do this - just these new 4 child pages.

1st image:



2nd image shows it published but defaults to Edit mode? The older pages already published do not do this - just appears to be these 4 new child pages:



Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

I'm not sure I get the entire picture. You are saying that when you open one of the four pages it opens these in "design" mode?
If you "exit design", will it get you again to the "design" mode?

Could it be that the links themselves in the links widget (in the home page) include the URL attributes like edit=true?



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Hi Daniel

Bingo ! Yes somehow I had the edit/true in the URL somehow. Updated it now and no longer defaults to Design page when I view the Company portal. 

Many thanks as always


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