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Intelligent capture mandatory fields


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This seems like a silly question - however I have noticed that a lot of our form fields show a red bar to the left.  Other fields do not show a bar.

Some of our customers are mistaking the red bar for a mandatory field - which I believe is marked by an asterisk* (and a red border).

In the Wiki I can see some form fields have red bars and others have blue bars.

What is the purpose of the bar to the left of the field?

Is there a setting that would allow us to change the colour of the bar?  



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Hi @Estie

When field is mandatory we show it using few indicators, one is asterisk with label, other red border with left bar a bit thicker. 
Colour of border for mandatory field when is not filled with value is always red, otherwise is default which I think is blue. That can't be changed.
I also found out that select inputs are missing red border which will be fixed.
Hopefully I answered your questions.

Thank you,

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