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  1. @AndyHill last question. What happen when you open task edit form from scheduler job? Does assigned field look the same as in created task?
  2. @AndyHill thank you for your screenshots. Is it possible (just for test) to define a task against scheduler that will be run only once? It should be a simple task with defined the same group (basically fields that are wrong) as you have in example and scheduler should be set to be run once and set time in next 5 min. If you could post what you see in assigned field after task is being created by scheduler. Thank you, Miro
  3. Hi @AndyHill Could you give an example of scheduled task that is failing? I'm in particular interested to see what fields you have filled in task and how you set scheduler. Thank you, Miro
  4. @Mette Petersen fix should be already available. Let me know if is working. Thank you, Miro
  5. Hi @Dave Longley, Touching that area is quite difficult as is used in many places and can't be changed as this would affect everyone. So solution is to use kind of metadata. Please add to description first line with [no-indent] content. Once found it will be stripped and text aligned to left. Thank you, Miro
  6. Hi @Adnan Zamurred, Have you tried both in such format {{user.siteId}} {{user.siteName}} ? I just did check again and in employee portal there should be also available {{user.managerName}}. Thank you, Miro
  7. Hi @Adnan Zamurred Try siteName and siteId but unfortunatelly manager field is not available. Thank you, Miro
  8. hi @Mette Petersen, I think I found the issue. Basically it happen when user was trying to manually enter time using keyboard, not mouse. It's been fixed and once pass our release process it will go live. Thank you, Miro
  9. @Mette Petersen I did try it in FF too and also can't replicate. Anyway, will leave it open in my work board and will get back to it again later. Thank you, Miro
  10. @Mette Petersen are you able to replicate it every time? What browser are you using? Asking as I can't replicate.
  11. Hi @Dave Longley I did check and this indent it's by design. Field "description" was created to add extra information to field and as this is something extra it was always indent to show that it is part of field (not separate thing) however I understand your use case scenario. I'm looking how to solve this and once got something will let you know here. Thank you, Miro
  12. Hi @Dave Longley, If is not a problem would you PM me your progressive capture flow? I'm interested in this particular form. Will be much easier to replicate and understand the issue. Thank you, Miro
  13. Hi @Adnan Zamurred Please change property you referring to from {{user.telephone}} to {{user.phone}}. Thank you, Miro
  14. hi @Paul Alexander, Odd that I didn't do it before. Anyway it is done and once it pass our release process (typically around 1 week) it should be released. Thank you, Miro
  15. hi @Mette Petersen Change is done and will be available when it pass thru release process. Thanks, Miro
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