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  1. hi @David Longley, There is no limit of image size - embedded images are taking all available space but always keep ratio. Thank you, Miro
  2. hi @Alisha, What you are asking is basically updating/setting a value of one field when another field change their value. I did check and atm is not possible to make it. Thank you, Miro
  3. hi @Jeremy, You just raised interesting question that nobody asked before. Need to check how it can be done and once I got some info I will post it here. Thank you, Miro
  4. @Jeremy unfortunatelly it's not possible until data from form are being known. Evaluation can be done only when user click next button which update data and then run branch node. However there is some work planned in that area so hopefuly this will be improved. Anyway this is how current implementation is working. Thank you, Miro
  5. hi @Jeremy, I did same flow as yours but getting results as expected. So let see step by step what is happen here: 1) in custom form you set variable to decide later to add or not a file, here next node is BRANCH which cause that we have no idea which way it will go so NEXT (1) button is displayed, 2) you press NEXT - form data are saved and now as we have all data we can run BRANCH, 3) if branch is not matching any expression then is going (in that case) to END, 4) if "add" is matching then is opening file attachments form and showing buttons - here as next node is obvious we are seeing FINISH (2) button Is the result exactly the same as you are getting or different? Thank you, Miro
  6. Currently we are working on some changes in pro capture - there would be more possibilities as one field could return more values (like id and name) but this is still in alpha. It won't happen now but it is something we are aware and working on. Thank you, Miro
  7. Hi @samwoo, To make any reference to site you need to use site ID - which unhappily it's quite hard to fine as ATM it is only exposed as part of the URL (you need to open any site details in admin). We did update to admin part and ID will be exposed as first property above site name - should be available with next admin release. Hopefully this will help you to solve the issue. Thanks, Miro
  8. Hi @Gareth Watkins OK, was able to reproduce and fix it. It will be available once it pass our release process. Thank you, Miro
  9. Hi @yelyah.nodrog, From what I can see it was like that since we introduced that field - but it's not a problem to change it and make name without id. Fix for this is on the way. Should be released once it pass our release process. Thanks, Miro
  10. Hi @Gareth Watkins, Was able to partially replicate problem. As you are also using calendar here so I expect that some dates in that range were also excluded - this is the part where I was able to replicate by manually entering a date. But in every other case I could not select or manually write date outside the range. Could you check again if this is the case and you are able to write dates (in range) that are not valid but not to go outside the range? Thank you, Miro
  11. hi @Nikolaj Just put in filter field your task id like TSK201800525000014 and you should see it. Thank you, Miro
  12. hi @Jeremy I can only guess how your condition looks like but I think it's something using == (equal) comparision. To check if specific value was check probably much better would be to use "contain" expression. If it's not a case can I ask you to show me your expression/. Thank you, Miro
  13. hi @Alisha, This feature is in our TODO list. You will definitely know once it will be released. Will update that post about it. Thank you, Miro
  14. @Stuart Torres-Catmur @SimonSheldon suggested change is done and it need to go thru our release process - so you should see it soon. Thanks, Miro
  15. Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur, I think you are right, this information could be removed as in general people are not operating with ID's. I pushed that change today so once it finish our process of testing it should be available. Thanks, Miro
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