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  1. hi @Paul Alexander Could you give me use case/example - will be easier to understand. My understanding is: 1) field that will just display table with all fields used in flow ? 2) There will be 5 columns with: - field id, - field type (text input, date input), - field output type (string, date), - mandatory (true/false), - need reporting (true/false) 3) what should be output of such field? Thanks, Miro
  2. Hi @Frank Reay It definitely make sense to have such prompt. Will add it. Thank you, Miro
  3. @Martyn Houghton I used to test to max 5 conditions in chain (field E depends on D, then D on C-> B->A) and never get beyond it. Anyway if you find any limits let me know. ProCap seems to have endless possibilities and pretty sure there are scenarios we haven't found/test yet. Thanks, Miro
  4. hi @sprasad Will update message so next time should be easier to figure out what is wrong. Thank you, Miro
  5. hi @Jeremy Currently is not possible to show custom fields in PCF. I will add this to our list to investigate but can't tell you when it would be available. Thank you, Miro
  6. Hi @Chris Winship, It seems to be a bug, will fix it. Thank you, Miro
  7. Hi @Martyn Houghton We are planning to have release to live next week. There is quite a lot of changes done internally in our application that took more time than usual but all should be ready next week. Thank you, Miro
  8. Hi @Jeremy Issue fixed. Should be released somewhere next week. Thank you, Miro
  9. Hi @aykut.boyraz There are no plans to change task outcomes however your problem can still be solved with mandatory field and one outcome. You can use mandatory field - dropdown with simple list contains defined "incident types" and then just a confirmation button (outcome) like "Confirmed". This is typical scenario where custom fields plays the best. Thank you, Miro
  10. @Martyn Houghton you are right. There should be no description displayed on the right side. It's fixed and should be released at the beginning of next week. Thank you, Miro
  11. hi @HHH Task was design to show minimal set of visible fields by default, it's title + description + category + due on and this fields were intended to always be visible when you start the task (with or without template). Templates were designed to extend this and add ability to inject values and later also to just show fields so users can quicker fill fields with data especially when they are creating bunch of similar tasks everyday. I hope that it makes more sense now. Thank you, Miro
  12. @AndyHill last question. What happen when you open task edit form from scheduler job? Does assigned field look the same as in created task?
  13. @AndyHill thank you for your screenshots. Is it possible (just for test) to define a task against scheduler that will be run only once? It should be a simple task with defined the same group (basically fields that are wrong) as you have in example and scheduler should be set to be run once and set time in next 5 min. If you could post what you see in assigned field after task is being created by scheduler. Thank you, Miro
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