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  1. @HHH as this is admin part of app I will notify about it to proper dev team. Thank you, Miro
  2. hi @HHH I just did check and regex translated errors are working like expected. Here is how I did it: 1) pickup language you want to edit 2) enter translated message As you can see I'm testing here if user enter digits, if it fail it disply error in proper (user session) language. Let me know if you did it. Thank you, Miro
  3. hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur Just did check - should be fixed. It was problem with data provider configuration and due to nature of that problem you need to re-add (remove and add) that field again in custom form. Let me know if it works for you. Thank you, Miro
  4. Hi @samwoo, I got you and I can't find any scenario when it could be not valid to have it there all the time. I will bring clear button for this control even in mandatory mode. Thanks, Miro
  5. Hi @samwoo, This is all working exactly like intented. If field is not mandatory then you can select "empty item" which is fine as you expect that user could skip that field. Different situation is when field is mandatory, is always required so there is no "empty item" but also there is no selection yet made. Once user pickup anything it can't be set empty as is mandatory. Hopefully it make sense. In that case if you want to give a user freedom to leave that field empty you should uncheck mandatory option in field configuration. Thank you, Miro
  6. hi @Darren Rose, There are some plans to share activity board views with others but can't tell you more details as it's still under planning. In other words it won't happen soon but it's in work stack. Thank you, Miro
  7. hi @HHH, I just did check and it works properly. Here you have configuration and what it does when it run. This is what happen when you try to click NEXT. It's not allowing to pass untill you click on checkbox. Hopefully this would work for you now. Thank you, Miro
  8. Hi @Nikolaj, Sorry, I forgot completly about this. I just did check and it's already released for at least a week - hopefully you are not experiencing it anymore. Thank you, Miro
  9. @Nikolaj fix on the way. Once it pass our release process it should be available next week. Thank you, Miro
  10. @Nikolaj replicated, will let you know once is fixed.
  11. @Nikolaj would you create few tasks (4-5) for me that I can see the actual problem? Seems like you don't have any test tasks assigned now.
  12. Hi @Nikolaj, So just quick summary: If you click on "complete tick" to complete task - it open for you a task with different data. Could you tell me what happen if you click on task title - does it open the proper task or the same as on "complete tick"? Also if you can open "My Activities -> Board view" tab and then try to see if the same happen there? Thank you, Miro
  13. Hi @David Longley, Was able to replicate your issue in customer portal. It's fixed and should be available once it pass our release process. Thank you, Miro
  14. hi @Jeremy Added sliders to our todo list but can't tell you when exactly it will happen - will post here once we start working on it. Related questions you can do using field conditions so you can show/hide specific fields based on previous user answers. Thank you, Miro
  15. Hi @David Longley, Please take a look at example below, I have two pictures where the bottom one is set with your specific width 150000px As you can see it took as much space as it was possible. Form elements can't go beyond form borders otherwise it will start overlapping other elements. Thank you, Miro
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