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  1. @Berto2002 @Gareth Cantrell @JJack I'm trying and can't find a way to replicate it. How often can you see this issue?
  2. Hi @Berto2002 It should be working without saving. I haven't seen this before. Let me try to replicate it. Thank you, Miro
  3. @MacLean Ferguson Thanks for the info. I found an issue there, it will be fixed soon. Thank you, Miro
  4. Hi @MacLean Ferguson What languages have you set in your profile settings? IC test works using your session, so language should match your regional settings. BTW being able to test different language versions is one of the features that will be investigated soon. Thank you, Miro
  5. hi @Estie It's on my list. I will be checking and fixing it today if needed (very likely by looking at the example you posted). Thank you, Miro
  6. Hi @Claire Holtham Thank you for reporting the issue, it should be fixed in the next core UI release. @AKJ this should be the same for you (same problem). Thank you, Miro
  7. Hi @Claire Holtham Thank you for reporting that issue. The button should appear back before April. Thank you, Miro
  8. Hi @Estie Replicated the problem and will fix it. Should appear in one of next releases. Thank you, Miro
  9. Hi @Estie If field is mandatory then both dates should be required. Will check it and let you know. Thank you, Miro
  10. Hello @Berto2002 Thank you for taking the time to replicate the issue and show it to me. The flows you sent me were indeed very useful. Issue appears to be quite tricky and happen only if the last field in form was invalid (for example mandatory and empty). I will send fix to build process now and if no issues found it should go thru our release process and appear hopefully soon under TAG: So right side will be updated even if left side (form) is invalid. Thank you, Miro
  11. @Berto2002 I'm struggling with replication of the problem - I guess I'm missing something fundamental here. Would it be possible if you create a simple test flow just with few fields necessary to show the issue, then export it and send it to me? This way I can much faster find out what is wrong. Just as a tip - right side is being updated only when left side (form) has a VALID status.
  12. Hi @Gareth Cantrell Sounds like interesting enhancement. Added to Intelligent Capture related things to look at. Once added I will notify you here. Thank you, Miro
  13. @Berto2002 added to problems to investigate. I guess it could be due to missing option in conditions. Will notify you here when I got something. Thank you, Miro
  14. Hi @Berto2002 Are these missing fields overwritten by conditions? If yes, do you have "show this field in summary..." flag selected in overwritten condition? Thank you, Miro
  15. Hi @Estie When field is mandatory we show it using few indicators, one is asterisk with label, other red border with left bar a bit thicker. Colour of border for mandatory field when is not filled with value is always red, otherwise is default which I think is blue. That can't be changed. I also found out that select inputs are missing red border which will be fixed. Hopefully I answered your questions. Thank you, Miro
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