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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, As we're using Intune for our mobile device management, and part of the beauty of using such a tool is it makes Bring Your Own Device a very viable option. From an asset billing perspective we'd like to in the Financial Information Acq. method have an option in there for personal. This would make it easy to see whether this is a personal owned device and the asset needs to be retained by the user when leaving the company or use the purchased option, if the company had purchased that mobile device. I'm sure other customers would also benefit from having this option, as BYOD becomes more readily available, with O365 and mobile device management tools such as intune allowing BYOD to be a much more palatable option to businesses and customers alike. Many Thanks Adam
  2. We would like to request any enhancement to BPM Human Task node to be able to use "Data Query" type sources for fields as well as the simple lists, as already present in the Progressive Capture, so the same sources can be used in both at when logging the request and during its lifecycle. Cheers Martyn
  3. Can we raise an enhancement to request the addition of Organisation Industry and Region to the Customer Section configurable options in Service Manager for the Request View. Cheers Martyn
  4. Additional 3rd contact fields for Telephone (h_tel_3) and Email address (h_email_3) where added into the platform back in 2018, but are not accessible through the Contact screen in the Live User App. Can these be added in so that we can start making use of them. Cheers Martyn
  5. Can we raise a enhancement request to add 'Replication Steps' as a standard 'TEXT' field to the Problem Request type, i.e field in 'h_itsm_problems' as we would like to capture the replication steps separately from the description of the issue. I appreciate there is a number of 'TEXT' type custom fields, but replication steps for problem records is a generic requirement and would be able to capture/edit this via the request view under Workaround tab. Cheers Martyn
  6. Would it be possible to add the following as fields in the Asset Management section? Asset Type Properties Section Suggested Additional Field All General Asset Information Purpose or Use Computer System Hardware Information PSU1 Serial Computer System Hardware Information PSU2 Serial Network Device Hardware Information Firmware Software Software Information Release Date
  7. Can the SQL Contact Importer be updated to support all the h_sys_contact fields to include the h_tel_3 and h_email_3 fields added in the platform updates in 2018. Cheers Martyn
  8. At the moment you can include the custom fields from the 'Contact' but only the Organisation field from the contact. Can this be extended to allow the optional display of organisation fields and in particular organisation custom fields, as we use these to hold information such maintenance expiry date, support level and whether they are hosted etc. The aim is that this information will be presented in the Request View - Customer Section, so the analyst does not have to open up the organisation page to see them. Thanks. Martyn
  9. Hi, Can I request some addtional fields to be used for the Software Asset Class: Licence Key Registered Email Address Registered Name Licence Start Date Licence Expiry Date Licence Renewal Date Licence Type (Single User Licence, Named User Licence, Concurrent Licence, Per Device Licence, Optimizational based Licence, Transactional based Licence, Subscription based Licence) Licence Cost It would be handy to be able to... Add multiple users as the "Owners" or "Used By" fields if the Licence is "Concurrent" Other people may have other ideas. Thanks, Samuel
  10. At the moment we only have a limited access to fields in order to specify SLM Service Level Agreement rules:- We would like access to additional fields, so that we can make the rules more useful and fit more users possible combinations Organisation Country Region (see linked post at the bottom) Industry Custom fields Customer Job Title Language Country Custom Fields Region (see linked post at the bottom) Request Service Summary Description Source External Ref No. Custom Fields Thanks Martyn
  11. We have set up some custom tasks as part of our BPM: These were working fine then we have found that they are not translating to the front end system: Is there something that has changed that we need to adjust?
  12. Hello, When users log a ticket via the Self Service portal, the mandatory fields are not clear until they press next. Can I request this to be added in a matter of urgency? I swear there used to be a red bar on the left hand side of the field to indicate this... and I remember users not finding that clear enough to determine whether the field is mandatory or not. Users are attempting to fill out the forms and not knowing what fields they need to populate causing them frustration when pressing next, and we have been getting more complaints about it. Ideally if we could have the fields to be highlighted in a colour of our choice if Mandatory, that would be great. (such as a "Mint" green colour, "Sunshower Yellow" colour or even a nice "Celeste" blue colour) Thanks, Samuel
  13. It would be useful to have the ability to add additional non-display fields or varying types (i.e. like the request custom details fields) to the current simple list facility, which can then be accessed via the BPM workflow in decision nodes, automated tasks and integration calls. This would make the BPM more 'programmable' based on the additional fields values selected by the select made in the simple list. From a display point of view in terms of the Progressive Capture or request custom fields, they would display as they do now, as the additional values for each row would not need to be displayed, only retrievable via a BPM node, 'Get List Fields'. Cheers Martyn
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