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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All I was wondering if there was any planned update to the published functionality in the Intelligent Capture process? I know it was renamed from Progressive Capture to Intelligent Capture but as yet I have not picked up any new functionality in the system to embed the new moniker of Intelligent Capture (I may have missed an update but do not think I have). As an example in the original demonstration there was mention of the capability to push out for an authorisation as part of the IC process to get a payment authorisation code. I wanted to see if there will be further updates planned and what new functions we might see as part of the Intelligent Capture setup please? Many thanks as always
  2. Is there a way to make it so that the Division / Department and Costcentre's of employee's are pre populated in the intelligent capture form when using a group picker. We would still want the Employee or analyst to have the ability to change this if required during the logging process though (in case they are working in a different department to normal) Other system we use we can pull that information into the drop down box as the default value using a variable that can then be manually changed. Hayley.
  3. It appears that in the intelligent captures when you have a field that is pre selected e.g. the date defaulting to today's date the rest of the information does not complete in the summary box: So the date is in the summary box, but the faculty etc do not appear in this summary box even through it is set to display in the box
  4. Afternoon All, I have created an Intelligent Capture workflow that utilises a Dynamic checkbox list. Is there a way of adding a 'Select All' or 'All' option? Thanks Osman
  5. Hi all, We're working with our Operational Technology team to create a process in our Incident flow to capture jointly owned asset information from Incidents. Our Operational Technology teams have the ability to replace jointly owned OT & IT communications assets. The incidents they we will raise will be pretty much retrospective as they have access to a joint stock pool, so they will have already replaced the faulty asset with stock from the pool. What we in IT need to be able to capture is the faulty asset and replacement asset information. So the warranty process can be engaged on the faulty asset. I have been able to achieve getting the list of assets through the intelligent capture, which means that we can get information from our asset database to do the look up but i would like to through the bpm, grab the faulty asset details and update our database to place item into faulty status, and then when with replacement asset update the database to go from in stock to in use. Is this possible? Many Thanks Adam
  6. I have been working on our change process and have spotted a few instances where the Business Process has failed due to requestors submitting a change to complete before the change is initiated. We ask for when the work is intended to be started and when it is to be completed by and occasionally people select the same day and mistakenly think that midnight is the end of the day, rather than the start. The business process then creates a task for the person processing that change with a start and end date determined by those dates initially selected so when an end date is less than the start date the process fails. Is it possible to add validation to a date to say must be greater than a previously selected date? Perhaps I am going about things the wrong way, if there is a better suggestion I am keen to hear it! Many thanks
  7. When using the 'is in' condition on a conditional branch in Intelligent (Progressive) Capture, the condition appears to always appears to evaluate as true even though the condition is not met. Example Condition used to branch to form with custom Priorities 1 to 5 on. Added Organisation Id is set, in case it was evaluation of nulls, but issue persists. Example using internal contact, so organisation id not set. Example using external contact in organisation id is not 772 or 245. Cheers Martyn
  8. There seems to be an issue with the Intelligent Capture (Progressive Capture) editor in the new Admin Tool. When creating a new dynamic field and selecting the Provider Type as 'Simple List' the UI does not change and you are not able to select the simple list. UI remains stuck on Data Provider options. Cheers Martyn
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