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Survey after Chat has completed - enhancement?

Emily Patrick

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We've been looking at ways to improve feedback generally, and one area that came up is at the end of a chat session. 

I've taken a look in here, and on the wiki, and under translations etc, but couldn't find anything. 

Is there a way, or can there be a way developed, where we can send a quick end of chat survey to our users, once the chat has been completed.  


We don't always raise tickets off the back of all our chats, so the request survey isn't an option, to be tailored for a chat ticket.

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I've flagged this with the Live Chat team who will hopefully have a response shortly.

This is not something we offer currently, but with the current setup you could create a very simple Request that you can raise from the Chat, that auto-resolves with minimal User input. This would allow the BPM to send the Feedback Request to the Customer in the normal way.

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Thanks @Steve Giller and @TrevorHarris I shall look about creating a simple BPM to get questions specific to the chat created for feedback. 

Certainly, do please pop it on the enhancement roadmap for Live Chat, as I'm guessing others may like this feature too, without having to create a BPM specifically for it. 

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