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Is it possible to add more custom fields myself? It looks like I may have run out.

Also is it possible to amend field length. e.g. I have a field that will only be used for a 5 digit number, so doesnt need to be as long as it is currently (Single line text field)

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hi @Steve Giller

The custom fields requirement is for default information that I am adding to the Organisation page.

The field length is more required for progressive captures that I am setting up for hardware purchases.

e.g. Enter number of keyboards you require? The field for this answer would look tidier if it was scalable.

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@Malcolm please add your +1 here, I have a long list of why I feel more are required, some are local to me (and demonstrate my relative newness to Hornbill!) but also some are due to some minor limitations within Hornbill itself.  I have no doubt its a big job!


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