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How do I output all data lines when data exceeds 25k line limit?

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Hi All

I am undertaking a review of our basic user data loaded to the system. Currently we have 44838 users loaded, so when I output the report data it is limited at 25000 lines so the customer data stops at jake.nice. How do i setup the report to output the 2 sets of data please? Need one with the 1st 25000 records, then a second one to output the other 19838 that go up to Z.

Many thanks as always

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In theory ordering by a unique field will give you the first data set, and ordering by the same field in the opposite direction will give you the rest (with a little overlap.)

If you go past 50,000 that's not going to work, but I'll leave that answer to someone with a better knowledge or Reporting.

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