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The latest update of ITOM Packages (83) has been released to live - error?

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@Amanda Durgan @Andrew Spice just to extend on this.

The most likely scenario here is that, having migrated to the Employee Portal, you have removed the SSO configuration for the old Service Portal. However, there are still some old links floating around your systems that direct your Customers to the old Service Portal.
If they are already signed in these will automatically redirect, however if not the system will try and log them in from the link they have used, which will expect the Service Portal configuration which is no longer there.

If you rebuild the Service Portal configuration this will remove the error, alternatively signing in (via live.hornbill.com/INSTANCE) before clicking the link will avoid it.
It's probably worth reviewing your email templates to ensure there are no service.hornbill.com/INSTANCE/... links remaining.

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