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Intelligent Capture - Broken


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Please help....So it would seem that this is an issue with us too, as I am creating a new process that is due for demo tomorrow! Override flags appear not to be working on newly created PCFs

if you have a list that you want to display after another with conditional questions this is not working e.g. first question has 4 answers, if you choose no 2 then a box or list is supposed to appear related to that question.



but in the form nothing appears


There is supposed to be further options that appear

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18 hours ago, Steve Giller said:

Are you able to post your Capture (Hiding any personal info, of course) so we can see if there are any obvious indicators?


Hi Steve, it looks to be a permission issue in Catalog items for Service Subscribers. Hopefully we should be ok.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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